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Sunday, May 15, 2011

A weekend wonderful

Hello! I just wanted to share a little weekend recap... it was rainy here in Boston, but we made the best of it, and it turned out to be productive, and relaxing!

 Thursday night I met Mom and lil McKenna at Nicky's the little diner in town that my sisters waitress at. She came dressed in the cutest outfit and was smiling and taking in everything around her! Her little hat was so cute, it reads "Wild at heart". Little nugget.

 My brother talking about his darlin' McKenna.

 Friday night my lovely grad school advisor, Chris, held a party at her house for my class. We are graduating Friday, so you can imagine how excited we all are! She had delicious apps and lots of wine! We played flip cup (haven't played since college!), which Chris kept calling "flipped cups"... I love it. It was a fun time with friends!

 Love the fire pit.... minus the smell of fire in my hair for 24 hours.

 Saturday Mike & I spent the whole day packing up our apartment. We made a pretty good dent in our stuff... but we have sooo much more to go! 
We made some turkey tacos for dinner - ground turkey seasoned with cajun spices and paprika, arugula, tomato, guacamole, cheddar cheese, sour cream, and hot sauce in flour tortillas.... yummy!

 This morning I met up with Angela and Lauren at Cafenation, my favorite cafe located in Brighton Center. I got a soy caramel latte and an everything bagel with cream cheese and lox. We spent the morning (into the early afternoon) chatting and catching up. Love my girls!

 This was too hilarious and cute not to take a picture. These dogs sat and waited for their owner while he ordered a coffee. He told them to "wait outside", so that's just what they did - sat at the doorway and showed off their cuteness. Can I add that they are not on leashes? What good pups!

Local artists post their art on the walls of the cafe. I love looking at all of the different stuff they have... it changes every week!
<3 Cafenation <3

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  1. Oh my god the puppies are so cute! Didn't we play flip cup at Kate/Kate and Joe's party years ago? I remember playing some sort of ridiculous drinking game (my first drinking game ever) and playing with Sparks? Do your remember this? Those tacos look great...ANNNNND you're cute!