"Life isn't about finding yourself... it's about creating yourself."

Sunday, March 25, 2012


We spent St. Patty's day (and the night before) in Portland, Maine. Friday night we headed to the State Theater to see The Head and the Heart. They put on an amazing show! The State Theater is such a cool venue... very old, lots of character, and five bars inside.  We sang at the top of our lungs and clapped our little hearts out.  We also hit up Otto and Enzo for late night pizza! Saturday morning we ventured out in search of a good coffee shop.... to find Bard Coffee - yum! We treated ourselves to some lattes with coffee art and live music. We spent the remainder of Saturday wandering around exploring Portland, day drinking, and hitting some local hot spots (i.e. East End Cupcakes) Portland sort of has this small town by the water charm, much like San Francisco. We fell in love.