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Sunday, May 1, 2011

mayfair! (image heavy)

Today was Mayfair in Harvard Square! Tons of vendors - food, jewelry, clothing, music! Mike and I broke out our bikes for the 1st time since last Fall... it felt great! Of course we had to stop in to the bike shop to get some air put in our tires, but then we were on our way! We spent most of the day on our bikes - around the square, down by the river, and just exploring the neighborhood streets around us. 

 The Charles.

 And then there was this... "Nada seat".
Apparently this contraption helps you to sit up straighter, thus strengthening your back. I don't know about you but I was sold after seeing this advertisement.

 Mike tries it.

 Roma's turn.


 Chalk on the Walk.... there were tons of these illistrations, they were great! Here are a few of my faves...

 What a fun day!

 Fried dough is a must at anything having to do with a fair.

 We decided to walk around Harvard's campus, since we had never been.. it was really pretty and well kept (well, obviously).


 Yup, matching bracelets.

 I just love this charming little (or not so little) house.

Found this on the bike ride home...

Great day outdoors! Loving the warm weather!


  1. Love the matching bracelets nerd! It looks like a great day. Let's go on a bike ride!!!


  2. We are huge nerds! I'd love to bike ride with you, how about you bike ride to me??