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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Moving weekend

Mike and I moved from Cambridge this past weekend back to Wrentham (my home town). We decided to move in with my parents for a while so we can save money for our future. We are both looking for new jobs, and not really sure where we want to end up so it is the perfect "in-between" for us right now :)

Moving day started off great! Our friends Ang, Tom, & Joe helped us load up the truck - it only took 1 hour! Our neighbors had a cookout for us - with quail (I was not adventurous to try, Mike did and said it was yum!) and homemade hummus.  Things seemed to be smooth sailing.... and then we got to the self-storage unit. It was CLOSED! We had made a reservation and everything. The day. The time. It was all confirmed. So what kind of idiots work at this place? Ughhh. After calling every storage place around, we found one that was open and just went with it. After loading the storage unit, we headed to Wrentham. When we got there, there was a street hockey goal in the driveway with a "Welcome home Courtney and Budz!!" sign, which definitely lightened the mood and made Mike feel at home.

Sunday we spend the day running errands for the things we needed around the house, and some summer clothes for our vacation in a few weeks! I took Mike to Michael's Deli, a sandwich shop in the center of town... and Mom & Dad brought us back some cupcakes from Cupcake Charlie's down the Cape... yum! 

We all went to the Red Sox game Tuesday night - Mike got tickets for my parents and us!

Some pictures from the long weekend....

 Last kiss at 9 Clay! Great memories <3

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