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Sunday, April 17, 2011

weekend fun

This weekend was the start of my April vacation... yippee! Friday night we went to this great local bar that has delicious drinks. We got the Ori-Joe-Nal and had no problem polishing this bad boy off. 

Mike got steak tips and sweet potato fries. Not gonna lie, I think I ate most of those fries....

We are puppysitting for the weekend, since my parents are with my sister in Florida checking out colleges (I secretly or not so secretly hopes she hates them all, but then again, how could you hate going to school where there are palm trees and beaches? And wearing flip flops all the time? Uhh, jealous.)  So this is Jack. He is the king.

And this is Abby. Mike likes to give her "Alfalfa hair".

Yesterday we ran some errands (fun ones!) and got Coldstone. I had cake batter ice cream with graham cracker, heath bar, and rainbow sprinkles - delish!

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