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Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer weekend upstate

I love our weekends upstate. Mike is from a small town located in the Catskills in New York. We love taking weekend trips to visit his family. Mike has 3 older brothers; 2 of whom have families and kids. Mike's neices and nephews warmed up to me pretty quickly after meeting them over 2 years ago, and I have been in love with them since. Especially my little Adam (Mike's oldest brother, Casimir's son). Everytime we visit, Adam runs to me and jumps into my arms. The last time we visited, I had to tell him he was getting too big to do that (I fear I might throw my back out!) His hugs are still the best, he is like a mini-me of my Mike. Here are some photos of our last trip to NY.

 We did a photo shoot in the middle of a field filled with haystacks!

 Mike's parents got a new dog, Mr. Blue.

 The chicken coop, chickens running everywhere!

 We spent a day by Mike's brother Joe's pool playing with the kids while his brothers were at work.

 We are awesome.

 Mama Budz always baking something new. This time: peach pie.

 We met up with some friends at the Mountain Brauhaus. There were German dancers (in full garb), lots o beer, and a band. It was fun!

 We spent a day in Woodstock, NY. 
Our day consisted of.....

 Strolling around town....

 Purchasing new vinyl....

 Paroozing through the hippie shops...

 Eating paninis and buying inexpensive jewelry at the Flea Market...

 Shaved ice!

 And of course, the community drum circle!

We had a nice lil weekend in the sticks :)

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